Everyone wants to know a little about who they're buying from. In this day and age that's a
pretty important thing!

We are a three person operation. I do all the designing, cutting, welding and finishing. My
wife does the invoicing, packaging and shipping. Our daughter, currently two years old,
pretends like it's Christmas every now and then which gives my wife a little more
packaging to do!

We don't have a big fancy shop with a bunch of high dollar equipment. We operate out of
our garage at our home in Silverton, Oregon.

I bought the CNC plasma cutter on April 25 2010. As of today Nov. 20, 2010 we have sold
over 500 items to 35 states and two provinces in Canada! Most of our business isn't done
local but through Ebay. This is something we would like to get away from just because of
all the fees.

If your interested in any of our products but not sure about our reputation or quality,
please go to my Ebay store and check out my Seller feedback! You will be assured that
your going to get a quality product in a reasonable amount of time!

You can visit our Ebay store at

You can buy just about everything we have on our website in our Ebay store. Prices might
be a little bit more expensive just to offset the cost of fees associated with using Ebay and

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask, send us an E-mail or give us a call
and we can get you squared away. You can also send text messages to the number on
the Contact page. I do over 1200 a month on two phones so I'm pretty good at it!

Thank you for your time!

-Edward, Jean & Kennedy
About us